My Personal Recommendations

I have had the honor of connecting with many inspirational and life-changing souls throughout my journey. Below you will find the light-filled Intuitives, Guides & Coaches I highly recommend.



Amanda is the owner & founder of Lumiére VT, a holistic salon located in Burlington, VT. Amanda is a light worker dedicated to bringing more love into the world through oracle card readings & crystals. She offers virtual card readings and monthly Insight Subscriptions. Please check here out here!


Nathaly Granja is a Spiritual Life Coach. Nathaly helps conscious leaders and starseeds with a sacred soul purpose activate their mission into tangible impact and wealth creation. She has been featured on WUSA 9 and ABC 7 and also has a background as a Reiki Master Teacher and Hypnotist. She incorporates her tools and gifts of mindset, intuition and goal setting into all of her coaching programs in order to create real life-long changes in your life and your business. You can follow her on Instagram for free daily content @NathalyGranja_ or listen to her podcast “The Rich Witch” for all things mindset, magic and manifestation. You can also find her website here.




Kassia Frihet is an Intuitive Conduit. Kassia offers intuitive guidance, from the purest place of this universal God/ess Essence. Globally recognized for business and personal consultations. Substantial, profoundly transformative energies, Loving, heart- centered, straight forward approach. You can find her website here.


Carylanne is a certified Spiritual Life & Wellness Coach with a passion for supporting people to live well, authentically, abundantly, joyfully and confidently in full self-expression. She is an avid student of life. She is an ordained Minister with the order of Melchizedek, a highly Intuitive Guide & Healer, Reiki Master Teacher, and NDE experiencer. Her integrative approach supports transformation on all levels. As a lover of nature, art, music, and beauty she resides in Virginia Beach, VA. Sessions are available by phone and in person. You can find her website here.

**Mention Krystal to receive $20 towards your 1st session.




Sunny is the owner of a beautiful studio, Yoga Toka in Alexandria, VA. As a certified hypnotist, certified yoga teacher, kids & teens yoga teacher, special needs yoga teacher, post-traumatic stress disorder yoga instructor, dance instructor, and practitioner of alternative healing modalities, Sunny has been recognized for her intuitive understanding of the body, mind, and spirit, as well as her creative and engaging teaching style. She weaves together yoga, mindfulness, breath, relaxation, hypnotherapy, and myofascial unwinding technique to make it an interactive learning experience. Sunny has been working over a decade with kids, youth, adults, special needs, and seniors and is eager to teach an artistic way of living! You can reach Sunny here.

Old Town Massage Center


3303 Duke St

Alexandria, VA 22314