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Shame is my Greatest Teacher


Shame is my Greatest Teacher

Dear Fellow Healers, Guides, Intuitives, Light Workers, Leaders, Conscious Creators, Gurus, Masters,

Do you feel the acceleration?

The past few months I have felt like I was being pushed, prodded, squeezed and triggered intensely.

I feel the push for us to process, heal and clear all of our shit (stories, old wounds, triggers, old energies) to make space for the level-UP that WE are leading for the collective. Everything feels like it’s speeding up to meet these demands, and the energies are supporting us to seek out those who will trigger our deepest wounds in order to finally be free of these dense energies holding us down.


I know it’s painful. I feel you. I hear you. I’m with you. We are holding space for everyone on the planet to raise the collective vibration. We are all here for each other’s expansion! Some of us are supporting each other by offering guidance, insight, connection, understanding and embrace while others are working to bring each other’s deepest wounds to the surface. Thank you to all of my teachers!! They are all equally loving and purposeful experiences right now.


We can choose resistance, blame, shame, anger and fear (and STAY in this place or dump it on others) and those energies/triggers will continue to come up in different scenarios until we HEAL and transform it…


We can choose to see our experiences as part of the big picture, the greater good for all that is, wounds that need tending to once and for all.

My close friend always say “If you have a problem, then YOU have a problem.” I believed it halfway…when it benefited me ;) But when it was someone else’s FAULT, then I blamed to feed my ego. Now I am feeling this statement/belief as incredibly and powerfully TRUE.

We are all working with our emotional bodies to clear these old wounds of abandonment, loneliness, shame, guilt, unworthiness, fear, anger, grief, frustration, jealousy, envy, apathy, depression…

We are transitioning from victimhood to acceptance and truth that we are not our emotions or our experiences. They just are as they are. They are just different energies and frequencies. It doesn’t mean they aren’t real. It just means that we are ready to end this cycle of suffering and embrace a NEW way of living that is with more ease and flow. Ease and flow does not mean that challenges will not arise. It means that when these challenges arise, they no longer trigger us into our old emotional patterns. We simply feel the emotion fully, ask what it is teaching us in that moment and then transform it into a higher vibration emotion, such as gratitude or love. To me, it looks like a constant flow of energies, in and out with no attachment to that energy/emotion. As they come in, we observe, learn, grow, transform and send it out.

My soul sister, Sunny, taught me that you cannot simply “let it go” when it comes to emotions. That means getting rid of it, dumping it on other vulnerable beings or sending it out into the Universe. That energy is yours to replace. That emotion of anger or shame must be transformed and brought back to you. I had never thought of energies in this way! But doesn’t it make so much sense? If you give it away, LET IT GO, then it will come back again, untransformed, to be lived out again in a similar scenario. This is why acknowledging your emotions, feeling them fully, diving IN, learning the lessons and THEN transmuting it will bring a flow of higher frequencies into your being and into the Universe. Everyone will benefit from your courage, love and hard work! :)

Emotions are not GOOD OR BAD. They are just different energies…some more dense and contracted and others lighter and more expanded. If you see emotions as energies that are asking for attention and transformation rather than labeling them as negative or bad, then the power of those emotions diminish in my experience. Acceptance of what is settles into my bones and the next question of; what do I want to choose next with the new information and insight I now have?

What are your deepest wounds?

What are the same triggers that keep coming up in different scenarios, playing out in different people over and over again?

For me, it’s shame and guilt.

Shame and guilt are of the LOWEST possible vibrations!!!

How does shame and guilt show up for me on the regular?

  • When I do/say/believe/think anything I or someone else perceives as “wrong” or “bad”.

  • Whenever I make human mistakes.

I did something wrong = shame = unworthy and unlovable = abandonment & loneliness.

My deepest fear is loss and being alone and unloved.

Do I want this same story and pattern to keep playing out?

Sure DON’T!!!

*************** Time for a NEW pattern. ****************

Shame is my greatest teacher.

Shame teaches me that I made a choice or someone in my environment is out of alignment with who I am. Shame is my sweet moral compass giving me gentle nudges to be true to my heart and stay on my path of love and enlightenment. I honor shame for guiding me back to my truth, my heart, my aligned journey, love. Shame also guides me to see where I am giving my power away to others. Thank you shame, I love you, I transform you into love and gratitude, send that love into the Universe to be returned back to me and so it is.