Hello Beautiul Subscriber First Name!

If you’re reading this, then you likely already know that my original street cred is a certified holistic nutrition consultant. I have grown and shifted many times since starting on my health & spiritual journey, but physical health and nutrition is still my JAM!!!

While I consider myself an expert and authority in health and nutrition; I am absolutely 100% no expert on YOUR BODY!!! This creates a challenge when it comes to nutrition coaching alone, which is why I have branched off to study and experience spirituality, the power of emotions and the mind, energy health, human design, epigenetics, etc.

I believe it is imperative to look at the WHOLE person, the whole picture, trust the mystery of it all AND put the authority back into the YOUR hands.

Let’s chat about what healthy eating actually means.

Well, it can mean many things right? It can be overwhelming and confusing and everyone has a different opinion on what is valid, healthy, balanced or not. Opinion isn’t very helpful when it comes to finding what is right for YOU. There is no ONE definition for healthy eating.

It can mean Paleo, Keto, Vegetarian, Vegan, Raw Food, Alkaline, Macrobiotic, Whole30, Mediterranean, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Soy-Free, and the list goes on…

For some, HOW you eat is even MORE important than WHAT you eat!!!!!

And then there’s human design - how YOU are uniquely designed. There is only ONE of you! You may have an open or closed digestive system, which means you are designed to either have more boundaries or less boundaries around food.

Subscriber First Name, find your free human design chart here.

There’s your genetics and predispositions…

There’s your conditioning and your relationship with food, your body and the world…

There’s logistics when it comes to when and how you eat depending on your lifestyle…

Can you see how this is not so black and white?

Health and nutrition is FULL of gray!!! That is where I can guide you to find your natural rhythms with food, digestion and developing a strong sense of inner knowing of what your body wants/needs/desires/craves.

But what does this mean specifically for YOU?

It means you get to CHOOSE what feels best for YOUR beautiful, intelligent body.

Consider health a life-long experiment. Add in some playfulness, fun, discernment and observation.

Our bodies are changing EVERY SINGLE MOMENT.

What you loved yesterday, you may not love today. What worked for your body 5 years ago, may not work NOW.

Often times, we have layers and layers of conditioning around food. Holy smokes are there some serious LAYERS! This is what we work through when we work together.

Subscriber First Name, How can I assist you on your health journey?

  • Empowerment through education and awareness

  • Learning how to self-experiment with discernment and ease

  • Tools to support your journey and guide you to create NEW pathways and patterns that are more aligned with what you DESIRE as opposed to what you fear or are attached to…

I will act as a mirror for your highest health potential ;)

In Love & Good Health!