Happy New Moon in Virgo!

In my earlier days of my coaching career; I put a ton of emphasis on positive affirmations, meditation and the law the attraction. My style also included ways to support your mental game while shouting from the rooftops - “Just DO It!” and “You GOT THIS!”

While this approach DOES work sometimes….sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes we need to get out of our minds and emotions and into our bodies.

Our mind can only take us so far…

Sometimes it’s necessary to use our minds and trust our emotions. Other times it’s necessary to trust our bodies and intuition. Other times, we just need to MOVE! Sometimes we need ALL OF IT to process whatever we are going through. TRUST yourself and your personal process.


What do I mean by this?

Move the energy through your body and mind!

What does that mean for you?

Move in a way that lights you up, feels good and flows for YOUR unique body and energy.

This is not about forcing the energy through because you think it’s good for you. It is so important to find what works for you specifically. You will know you’re on target when it feels right in your body. It doesn’t matter what you do…just that you are doing it for YOU!

  • Dancing

  • Chanting

  • Screaming into a pillow (or punch the heck out of your pillow!)

  • Scribble on paper

  • Paint aggressively if you need to

  • Kicking your feet on the floor like a child throwing a tantrum (yes, I DO THIS!)

  • Stomp your feet

  • Jump up and down making “GRRRRR” noises

  • Rip ages out of magazines

  • Have sex!

  • Workout, run up the stairs, jumping jacks, run in place

  • Watch something funny and laugh your face off

  • Rough house with your kid, be silly, goofy, let loose, laugh so hard you tear up!

These recommendations can seem a bit “childish” and are often seen as off limits for adults to behave in such a way. Here’s the deal. We are taught to “keep it all together” and package our emotions up all neat and tidy.


If we want to be free; we must move that energy that doesn’t serve us.

Process it.

Get it out!

Love you!