Releasing perfectionist tendencies sounds beautiful and yet is one of the most challenging goals that many of us face. Our society is hyper-focused on perfection, speed, multi-tasking, meeting deadlines, goals, expectations and a “I have it all together” attitude. Live your best life is a common phrase among the health & wellness community. While this sounds heavenly; it can give us another reason to beat ourselves up, feel like we are not good enough, being enough or doing enough if we feel like we are not living our best life. We often compare ourselves to others who appear to be living in harmony, abundance, vibrant health and positivity. We spiral down as we ask ourselves what we are doing wrong and how we can fix it to live a happier, more fulfilling life.

We have been programmed to seek out the wrongs within ourselves instead of the rights. We have been programmed to strive for #bettereveryday, which is wonderful if we are simultaneously giving ourselves compassion along the way. Skipping the step of self-compassion is extremely easy to do. I personally fall into this old pattern on the regular. I have a fear of being in victim consciousness and feeling powerless over my life, having a whoa is me attitude and not being seen as the inspiring guide I know that I am. Showing compassion for myself in a moment of not having it all together is my perceived weakness. In the spiritual community, we often use the phrase “our physical reality is an illusion”. The truth is, our life experiences are very REAL and sometimes painful. It is much more exciting to be in the energy of forward movement and personal growth. Once you are on the journey of expansion, creation and manifestation; you don’t look back! However, this energy can be a mask for not validating your emotions, acknowledging your pain and can become a reason for diminishing your life experiences. Life is about balance. We must honor our experiences, pain, emotions, challenges as well as our successes, growth, power and creation. In order to move into true forgiveness and transformation, we must have compassion for our experiences. Compassion is the key to releasing old patterns that no longer serve and inviting in higher vibrations that match what you want to create in your body, mind, spirit and life.

As we step into this new light and see ourselves with new lenses, we must give ourselves acknowledgement, love, light and grace as we let go of doing it perfectly and getting it right. You are on your own unique journey, your own timeline using your own inner compass to guide you. You are exactly where you are meant to be. You are enough. You are a beautiful soul. You matter.

The world doesn’t need you to be perfect; the world needs you here.

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Love and Light,