Holistic Nutrition: Bauman College
Digital Marketing Science: GreenFig
Master Usui Reiki Practitioner: Reiki Institute
Psychology, BS : Southern Vermont College 2004-2008

My intention is to guide you to align your beautiful, unique energy with your heart’s desires, your higher consciousness & your soul’s purpose to create a body & life you love.

I'm Krystal.


I do what I love and love what I do! Yes, I’m a bit enthusiastic & spirited about life. It’s in my DNA and my SOUL.

What truly sets me apart is my shiny, smiley, youthful presence, my open heart, my goofy jokes, my kind and gentle yet direct and honest nature, my obnoxiously positive outlook on life, loads of education & real-world experience.

I have been given the gift of being a mother of an angelic and compassionate little boy as well as a step-mother (BONUS MOM!) to 3 beautiful (now teenage!) children. I have an incredibly strong & supportive husband who helps me stay grounded and appreciative. He is my anchor, my love, my guide who has always supported my vision, mission and personal development. I love staying active, being outdoors, exploring, spending time with friends and family, reading, writing, good food and dark chocolate! I love the spirit of Christmas, soaking up the sun, being silly and lots of relaxing. I love to relax. I spend my time continuing to expand my personal, professional and spiritual connection. I live a life full of ease, grace, love, passion, fun and richness. Life was not always this easy…

My Journey

On May 22, 1986, my soul joined this world (yes, I am full-fledged Gemini!). My first 14 years of life were traumatic and painful. Although I love some sweetness in my life; I refuse to sugar-coat!  I own my story not out of victim “poor me” mentality, but I feel that it is important to be authentically me if I am teaching you to be authentically you.

I was born to a mother and father who were drug abusers and alcoholics.  I bounced around from house to house. I went into foster care (I did have amazing foster family for a few years!) to later be adopted by my father who did his best raising me until I was 13.  After he was incarcerated; I lived with my second family who took me in as their own and showed me unconditional love.  I, of course, now consider my second family – MY FAMILY.  In fact, when I go back to Vermont to visit, I always stay with my parents in my old room from high school.  Words cannot completely capture my appreciation and love for them. 

My biological father was an extremely loving & unconditionally accepting man who got lost along the way. I have no doubt that he always loved me and did the best he could. God rest his soul.  My biological mother was not in the picture much and we began having a relationship when I was an adult.  To me, my mother has an angelic essence.  I am an empath, intuitive and very sensitive, and I hold a special place in my heart for my mother.  I can feel her genuine kindness and her soul is so beautiful and playful. I think of her often and send her love across the miles.

I struggled through my childhood with fear & uncertainty, which led to major abandonment and control issues. I was extremely insecure about my body, my intelligence and myself. I strived for perfection. I thought if only I could please others; I could earn their love, approval and acceptance. I struggled with an eating disorder as an adolescent. I also had severe anxiety and depression. I was crippled with chronic fatigue, digestive issues and hormone imbalances. I felt completely helpless, alone and disempowered. I felt anger buried deep down inside, and I had no idea how to process it. I thought if I just kept smiling, then it would go away.

However, through it all I always knew in my heart that there was a better way. I could feel Universal Energy and intuitively knew I would create a meaningful life. I just didn’t know how to get there…

When I started high school, my prayers for a better life were answered when my new family took me in as their own. I began to feel safe and supported. Their love at a critical time in my life was the catalyst for my dreams to start becoming a reality.

I intuitively knew I would create a meaningful life.

I graduated college in 2008 with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. I studied psychology because I knew I wanted to help guide people out of their misery and into a beautiful life. At the time, the only way I knew was through the mind. If I could learn about the mind and human behavior, then surely I could help people. Although I was still a complete “mess” (aka - I had not yet remembered the essence of who I was); I thought that if I could help others, I would feel better about myself. However, I knew something was still missing. I wanted to learn more about physical health, so then I could REALLY help people =) I went on to begin a Master’s Degree at Skidmore College and learn about Health & Wellness Education. As it turns out, that still wasn’t enough…

In 2009, I met my husband. I moved with him to Virginia, and we were married within 9 months. I went from being a college student to being a wife of an active-duty submariner with 3 kids in a matter of months. At this time, I was completely overwhelmed by life. I couldn’t find a job let alone start my career. Again, I felt absolutely disempowered and lost in the world. I was in so much emotional pain that I began to study holistic health and spirituality to find some answers. I completed my Reiki Certification program. I started seeing a Spiritual Life Coach (who changed my life, by the way!). I knew I was beginning to get closer to my calling…

In 2012, we moved to California where I started school for holistic nutrition.  I learned how to heal my physical body through whole food nutrition, supplements, movement, breathwork, patience and countless other healing modalities. If I listed all of the modalities, healers and coaches who helped me on my journey; we would be here all day. It takes a village! During this time, I also had a beautiful pregnancy and birth of my son, which was absolute magic. My experience bringing him into this world empowered my Goddess soul like no other, and I am so grateful.

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In 2014, we moved to CT where I started my own business: The Vital Mama, LLC. My vision was to support mothers and their children holistically. While this was my intention; the clients I was attracting were not mothers at all. They were middle-aged women looking for answers about their health. I loved nutrition consulting and creating plans that helped my clients heal underlying health conditions and find their balance with healthy eating & lifestyle. I then reached a point where again, it still didn’t feel like it was enough…

In 2018, we moved to Virginia outside of D.C. Again, I felt lost in the world. I left my practice behind and started anew. I went months without work and felt like I was not aligned with my purpose anymore. I began diving back into my spiritual practice to unveil more layers of who I was and what my mission was on this planet. During this process, I began cultivating my intuition. The truth is, it has always been there and yet I ignored it as I was focused on “real world” proof, education, certifications, reasoning and logic.

As I started to allow my gift of intuition to come through; I started to come alive. I felt a surge of energy that I have never experienced before. When I say intuition; for me it comes through as messages from the Divine in the form of visuals, auditory and a “sense” or strong feeling. I then began to study human design and astrology, which led me into radical self-acceptance. I have learned (and am still learning!) to work with my unique energy to create more ease and flow in my life. This shift has been incredibly transformational, which is why I am implementing it into my teachings and guidance.

In 2019, I studied Digital & Content Marketing. Seeing a pattern here? I LOVE to stay busy and learn! I learned how to bridge the gap between my soul’s calling, my ideas and my knowledge and connecting with/attracting my soul-aligned clients. Our passion and dreams are lifeless unless we launch them into the world in a way that suits our energy (while some are meant to work with hundreds or thousands of people, others are more suited to work with a fewer & more specific clients or small groups - I am the latter ;)

If you choose to invite me into your life; I am truly grateful to work with you. I look forward to guiding you to create a body and life you love.

Sending Love,


Krystal is an incredibly kind, intelligent, and caring individual. Learning from her is like have a great conversation with your best friend.
— Bri