Photo by: Andrew Bui

Photo by:Andrew Bui

Are you looking for a multi-faceted, holistic practitioner who can guide you in aligning and integrating all areas of your life simultaneously — your health, energy, relationships, purpose/passions and career?

Are you ready to live with purpose, embody deep self-acceptance, and cultivate your own unique rhythm for navigating this life?

Are you ready to create something NEW that feels right in your body, mind and soul?

Are you ready to embrace your beauty, all aspects of yourself, your innate and loving power and your creative force as you align with your own internal compass?

then you have arrived!

When I work with Krystal, I always see the openings afterward. What seemed impossible becomes possible!
— Sue G.

How will I Guide You?

I will lead you into radical self-acceptance by inspiring you to work with your energy and intuition. I will be your mirror as you learn to love and accept ALL parts of your true self. I will guide you into loving yourself unconditionally JUST AS YOU ARE. Only from this place of rawness, honesty and exposure can we cleanse old patterns and beliefs that no longer serve us in moving forward to live a life of true meaning, fulfillment, love, connection, beauty, courage and expansion.

You possess the wisdom to create your own unique rhythm, which is unlike anyone else’s.

Your personalized rhythm with your eating styles, digestion, energy, moods, emotions, sleep patterns, hormones, discipline, creativity, relationships, family, career, self-care, schedules, and physical movement. We all have an individual balance that works for our bodies and our lives, and I will guide you to find what best suits your needs.

You will shift your perceptions as you drop what no longer serves you like a hot potato and embrace seeing yourself with new lenses

Douglas and Mommy :)

Douglas and Mommy :)

I will also guide you to nurture your children’s natural rhythms, tendencies and preferences so you can live in better harmony with your family.

While some children thrive in structure, certain styles of discipline and consistency, others thrive in more freedom within structure, flexibility, speed and/or creativity. This holds true for eating styles, sleeping patterns, behavior, learning styles, activity levels and interactions with other children.

When you get to know yourself on a deep level and honor your natural rhythms; you will be teaching and showing your child that it is safe, acceptable and wonderful to be themselves.



It is time to let go of the old conditioning holding you back from shining as YOU ARE.

It is time to operate from your new setpoint of self-acceptance, empowerment and resilience.

It is time to look in the mirror to see your unique self in the reflection.

It is time to reveal your unique gifts, talents and creativity.

It is time to unleash your limitless potential.

It is time to honor your needs & desires.

It is time to nurture your true nature.

It is time to transition from surviving to thriving.

It is time to take ownership and responsibility for your body, yourself, your gifts, your mission and your life.

It is time to remember who you are.

Knowing and working with Krystal is a blessing! She is kind, supportive, smart, intuitive and encouraging. I never feel judged, nervous to ask questions or share. I’m truly grateful for her.
— Amanda D.
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Allow Me to Guide You…

I am a Holistic Practitioner.

I combine my expertise in nutrition, holistic living, and energetic rhythm to lovingly guide you to live a life that is aligned with WHO YOU ARE.

Are you longing to remember the core of who you are, activate new parts of yourself, declare your truth of your body, mind and spirit?

Are you ready to claim the beauty of YOU and live in more harmony in all areas of your life?

I have always believed that life is a journey that we cannot travel alone. Krystal has become one of those people whom I consider near and dear. Krystal is caring, gives pure guidance and offers a wealth of knowledge.
— Tim